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February 3rd, 2012
01:38 pm


Religion of Facebook?
I had no idea that todays comic would be so popular.

An E-mail response that I sent to a reader who said that they liked the comic:
It's an idea that was planted when Obby showed me a video of all the Miss America candidates answering "should religion be taught in public school". I realized that they all assumed that Religion meant Christianity. I'm Unitarian and we like to learn about as many religious ideas that we can and then form our own opinions. The one thing that we all agree on is don't assume we're going to accept whatever is offered. There isn't much clapping in our church. 
you caught me during my cup of coffee.
I'm glad you like the comic.
I have a lot of fun drawing it.

Adding to that...
I had three comic ideas for today. I sketched out one where I go incoherently mad. This will be posted at some point later. Facebook has been keeping me informed on the up to date freak outs of my fellow internetians. Sometimes the troll virus rages out of control given one kernel of kerosene and bulldozes over facts in it's rampant lust of drama. We do love being indignant. I do like that if you drop information into the vast ocean of people that is Facebook then you will inevitably get both sides. Mostly it will be spear shaking, but someone will pipe up with the tidbit of information that everyone else is overlooking. Recently it was Susan G. Komen discontinuing funding to Planned Parenthood. Everyone started yelling about the injustice of the republicans prejudice towards abortions and therefor all women's writes. One person pointed out that there was actually a policy against giving contributions to an organization who was under investigation. This made sense. Then someone else pointed out that this policy was only recently created and that there were many other organizations who were under investigation who were still receiving funding. I feel a bit guilty because I seem to be using Facebook for all my information. Why research when you can just ask everyone else. But, like all things online, I try to take it with a very large salt lick. I always assumed that if it's on the internet, then it must not be true. With photoshop and computer graphics and the Onion, the internet has been used for humor and sarcasm. I don't even trust Wikipedia for facts so much as a collection of shared ideas. ... I've gotten off track... what was I talking about?

Facebook has riled up the feminist. In the waking world of interacting with other physical human beings it is not appropriate to talk about politics and religion. Online you can post links to articles and demotivational posters proclaiming your stance on all the controversial hot topics; gay rights, abortion, republicans. Facebook has riled me with the sudden access to all the stupid shit that people are doing. I don't really know if they really mean what is said in the articles. If these are just snippets that are taken out of context and waved around online to stir the trolls. It used to be that I figured the really stupid people were few and far between. People who thought that god created aids to punish the gays. People who thought women shouldn't have the right to make their own decision about abortion. Basically people who would think that "A Modest Proposal" (sarcastic writing proposing that the solution to Irish overpopulation was to eat them) was a great idea.  But now there are all these articles and news reports being linked on Facebook showing that not only are these people alive and well, but that they're running for president.

At one point I was literally walking around my house pulling my hair and yelling at thin air.

So I drew a comic.
I drew one comic where a picketer is spewing all the idiocy that I thought was cycled out through evolution and I devolve into incoherent yelling and the picketer dismisses me as a feminist who's pms'ing. 
The second comic is the one you see above.
The third comic that I still have to draw is the fact that everything is bad for you. Don't eat hamburgers, there's that pink stuff that's bad for you. Don't use non stick pans, it's bad for you. Don't eat cheese, it's bad for you. In the final panel I'm eating a Twinky. "Gonna die happy."

My mom called and pointed out that I've been posting on Facebook a LOT lately and that I should go for a walk.
I think I'm going to take my bike to the store and see if they have any twinkles, hamburger meat, and a pound or two of cheese.

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January 19th, 2012
08:03 pm


I have a Senator?
So, everyone protested SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act.)
What I gathered from SOPA was that if you posted a copyright thing that didn't belong to you, be it image, movie, or music, then the government could shut down your site without notice and that all links to that site would have to be removed and you wouldn't even be able to search for the site. Kinda like nuking someones house from orbit without an evacuation notice. 

The internet community did not like the idea that the government could just shut down a site like this. Everyone spoke out against it and I figured they had it covered. Then I find this link today. 
sounds absolutely ridiculous. This guy doesn't even know what it's going to do to the general american internet community. And then I realize that he's the Georgia Senator. I live in Georgia. When this guy says that the people have spoken, he's talking about me, and I haven't spoken yet. He thinks he's protecting us from imported Chinese toothpaste? Well, I can blather all I want about how ridiculous this is, but it amounts to a hill of beans if I blather into space where the only ones to hear me are the other "the people". This is the guy who's supposed to be speaking for us and I haven't spoken to him yet. I can't expect him to magically know what I expect him to do. So, I put my money where my mouth is.

I wrote (an e-mail) to my state Senator. 
And this is what it said;

I am a home owner, I run my own small business, and I've lived in Georgia for over fifteen years. I am an artist and I post and sell my work online. This is how I make my living, pay my taxes, and support my household. Some people have taken my trademarked work and reposted it on other websites. This is how the internet works. It's an open forum to share all ideas. As long as they do not try to sell the work as their own, it does no harm. Please, this open forum for the exchange of information and ideas without censorship or restrictions is what makes our nation great. Please do not stop this open forum. Please do not censor the internet. Please do not support PROTECT IP Act. I make my living with my Intellectual Property. Please protect my writes to share it as I see fit.

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October 25th, 2011
09:29 am


"Don't tell your mother."
Obby's carpool buddy has changed jobs so now he's taking my car to work every day. His car shakes a bit on the highway."A bit" as in, "dislocates your hip" if you're driving for longer than 20 minutes. He's got a 40 minute comute one way. So I've been going with him and doing my errands up north. I get a lot of work done at Starbucks. The other day I'm sitting by the window having a great time listening to a father and son behind me. The father is in a tweed coat and loafers reading the paper. The ten year old son is doing his homework because he has baceball practice later.
The son looks up at his father "Dad? What's 'Mutiny'?"
Dad "Use it in a sentence?"
son "the crew of the ship had a mutiny."
dad "It's when the men on a ship don't like their captain and they throw him overboard or put him in the gallows."
son "Does it have something to do with a small boat?"
dad "well, yeah, if the crew liked the captain or they're nice, they'll put him on a small boat and send him off. If they're smart then they'll put him in the brig because a ships crew doesn't always know how to work the ship. So they might need him later."
At this point in the conversation I hear a bang and look out the window to see one of the Starbucks umbrellas has been blown across the patio and has rolled over two cars. A young white man looks over his shoulder but stays seated. An older white man looks on as the umbrella is blown into another parked car. Three Indian business men jump up and wrestle the umbrella off of the cars. I watch the other patrons glancing around and I go up to the counter. "Excuse me, but I think you've lost an umbrella."
Barrista "oh crap, SARAH!"
The small blond woman in her starbucks apron runs outside and takes over for the Indian business men. She gets the umbrella down and they converse around the first tan car. After a bit, the men get into the car and drive off. After a moment I hear her behind me, talking to the father and son.
"Excuse me, sir? but is that your white car out front? I'm sorry, but we may have had a bit of an accident."
Dad "Oh no, that's my wifes car!"
The man jumps up and follows the starbucks manager out to inspect the damage. His son runs after them. I see them rubbing at the hood of the shiny car. Some time later they settle back at their table and I hear the father say to his son.
"It's nothing major, but don't tell your mother. We don't want her to get upset."

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December 29th, 2010
12:37 pm


Tis the season
Tis the season for robbery. A quick tally is that Obby's house (the house I live in) has been broken into twice in the past month and this morning my neighbor called to make sure that the truck parked in my driveway wasn't breaking into my house (at the house I own which is empty right now and two miles away) I reassured him that it was probably my property manager showing my house. He updated me on the events of the neighborhood. My neighbor on one side of me had his parents held up at gunpoint as they packed their car at 5am. He had seen someone leaving another house with an arm full of stuff and chased him down the street while calling the cops. He's now poised at the window checking every car that pulls into every driveway. I'm almost reassured that it's not just Obby's house that's being broken into. We're not being targeted specifically, we're just being included in the festivities. I'm not too worried about the house that I own. The shades are up so everyone can see it's empty and they can also see the armed alarm so they wouldn't have time to steal the copper pipes or stove if they wanted to. My home has already been broken into twice over the years so I wasn't too fazed when Obby's house was robbed. I've always been of the mindset that I don't have anything valuable enough to steal and in the end, it can all be replaced anyway. Though I had some panicky moments when I realized I hadn't backed up my latest Devil's Panties book and if the computer was stolen, I'd have about three months of hard work on my hands scanning in all the cartoons again.

Here's the high jinx. Monday morning Obby and I go on an errand and get a phone call from a neighbor saying the front door was kicked in and alarm is going off. We return to find three cop cars and an empty flat screen mount. So we upgrade the security alarm, reinforce all the doors, and make plans for other security measures. When I pack for our christmas trip I do it almost expecting a break in. "Gotta tidy up so we can see if anything is disheveled. Wash the dishes because it won't do to have the police see a messy kitchen." What valuables we didn't have with us were stowed away in their hiding places. Sure enough, monday morning as we have breakfast with my family up north the security company calls Obby and he tells them to send the police. We have an interesting 8 hour drive home discussing further security measures and funny fundraisers. "Level one of fundraiser is to buy another security door. Level two will be dogs with bees in their mouths, level three is sharks with lasers, level four is a shark tank with a request that this level is achieved quickly after level three or else level three will have to be repeated." This time the thief left footprints in the snow and his hat was nocked off as he climbed through the window. They found a boy in the parking lot across the street who had a warrant out for his arrest and who's shoes matched the footprints. I say boy because he's 18. Another boy, also 18, was caught in Atlanta who had killed a couple while trying to rob them in the parking lot of their apartment complex, robbed houses, and raped a woman in the park down the street. Can we start more art and recreation programs in the schools please? Can I go teach some pottery classes or something to keep these kids occupied? The thing about catching a suspect for our house break in though, is that they didn't steel anything this time around. There wasn't anything left to steel after the first break in. Next monday I'm sitting out on my front porch and sharpening my axe.

My frustration is that I can't open the curtains that face the street (about all of them) because the bad guys case our house. Obby got a lock and tied my computer down. We are, literally, tying down our stuff. There's going to be barbed wire, three different kinds of locks, I have to go turn off the security alarm if I want to open a door or window. On one hand, I feel like I'm locking myself in more than locking them out. But when it comes down to it, if I do everything I can to secure the place, then I can stop worrying about what ifs. I've done everything possible. If anything happens, I know that there's nothing that I could have-should have-would have done.

Alright, enough worrying, it's time to get on with my day. There are cartoons to draw, laundry to fold, and three cases of root beer that won't drink themselves.

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October 8th, 2010
11:31 am


unknown offence
Yesterday, while in my car at a stop light in East Village (atlanta) a 40year old black man crossed the street on a bicycle in front of me giving me the finger and saying "fuck you fuck you fuck you". I lifted my shoulders and hands asking him "what did I do?". I didn't feel threatened or angry, just confused. I would have opened my car door to ask if I did something, but that might have incited a conflict. I like to think that he was upset at a general group that I seemed to represent and not me personally. "yeah man, damn hipsters! yeah!" or maybe he doesn't like tentacles (painted on my car).

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June 16th, 2010
11:36 am


the sheep that pays
in response to someones comment that they won't be sheeple and join a members site to read a comic.
(member site in question is my new porn comic Id NSFW http://filthyfigments.com/preview/PREV_ID_01.html NSFW)

hrmm...mrumph...hurumph... grumble
okay, I don't pay for anything online either. I listen to online radio and read the samples but never actually buy membership for anything so I'm with you on that. Pot, kettle, black.
but sheeple? as in following a hurd, being a sheep, going mindlessly into stupid things?
stupid things?
like paying someone for their work?
insert snarkyness canned rant
sorry, it's just my house is falling down, my housemates aren't paying rent, I can't find new renters who will pay rent, the plumber AC repair man and roofer and mechanic who I've had to hire this week alone all expect to be payed and I'm trying to find ways to supplement the sales of books because the printer of the books also wants payment....so...I kinda figured that I'd follow the herd and see if, maybe, please, could I possibly be payed for my work as well?
I sell merchandise (that I have to pay to get printed) and go to conventions (that I have to pay for travel housing food table) but outside of the merchandise, I don't get payed for the 5 hours a day I spend actually drawing the comic.
crap, this isn't the point I'm trying to make.
because I, as a consumer, don't pay for the pictures I see on the internet or the information I get from it.
I'm not expecting people to pay for the comic strips of DP. I'm doing ID for the member site and it will pay for the work that the web host and organizer and I'll make some books. but again, off topic.
I'm just irked that an attempt to be reimbursed for work completed is viewed with scorn and ire.
It's expected that everything online should be free and if someone tries to get you to PAY for the art that is supposed to be free then they are a greedy villain.
Says the woman who canceled the pop up advertisement so she could log into livejournal and rant about not paying for things....ah, the irony, it oozes.

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May 23rd, 2010
01:14 am


Haven't posted in a while and I'm setting up a new website...well, I'm re-building the website. Considering I didn't really build it in the first place, this is a new and frustrating experience.
My new boyfriend ("new" we started dating in october 2009) is amazed that I'm "one of the front runners of your field" (been doing this since 2001 when you still had to explain to someone at a convention what a "webcomic" was. "no sir, it's free to read online. no sir, that doesn't mean it sucks.") but I've been doing this for 10 years and Obby can't believe how LITTLE I know about websites and hosting, considering I make my living at it.
So yeah, I had been using dreamweaver (paint by numbers of the website building variety) and just pressing enter to upload the comic. Now I'm moving to my own site and have to build it from scratch. Enter wordpress (or comicpress, I think...right? I was born confused). It's easy in comparison to learning how to code from scratch but I still pull my hair out. "I just want to put words next to a picture, how fucking hard is that?! fucking characters page! fuck! I hate everything!!!"
Obby, bless is computer addled heart, has already talked me down from the ledge and it's only my first real day of trying to figure this shit out. I haven't had someone here before who will pull me away from the window, pry the computer out of my hands, and work the kinks out of my back until I forget that I want to live in a cave until technology goes away.
Yes, so I've blatantly stolen all the cute little link buttons from my good friend Gina Biggs of http://www.redstring.strawberrycomics.com/ (she already did all this on wordpress long ago) and I need to buy her dinner, or a print run of books, to thank her for the unknowing donation of buttons. And since she had a livejournal button that I used as well, I figured it was time for a livejournal update.

uh, updates; yes... I'm going to be a bridesmaid (again, but I haven't done the cartoons about the first one in the woods with the bear. well, okay, there wasn't a bear, just very very fresh bear poop where I was supposed to stand with only a wad of flowers to protect me from "nature") ((I've had coffee, can you tell?)) so I'm going to be a bridesmaid in a month and we get to wear, I shit you not, honest to god, Green Bridesmaid dresses. This is so awesome you have no idea. This is the thing of legend, of stereotypes, of visa commercials! I get to wear a green bridesmaid dress! heh-ooh, I think I get to wear my flame boots with it. And it's knee length. This is going to be ten different ways of awesome.
alright, enough procrastinating. Back to picking together my website one match stick at a time.

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December 10th, 2009
10:52 pm


Treatment of Webcomics by Convention staff
I've had a few people e-mail me about the Blind Ferret guys getting crapped on by Dragon con.

What happened; Guys who have a hugely popular webcomic spent tons of cash on a big booth at Dragon con. When they got there, the booth was moved to the back of the room and there was a giant column in the middle of it. When they tried to have it changed they apparently were not treated well and even cussed at and in the end, got banned from the con for being calm and reasonable in the face of crappyness.

Yes, this sucks, but I'm still going to go each year. I spent three years sitting on a bench under a staircase selling my books out of a backpack before I could get my foot in the door at Dragon con. I make more at Dcon than I do at San Diego. It is hands down my favorite convention in the world. I've been going since before Devil's Panties was a webcomic. I will probably be going when I have to ban my teenage daughters from going. There are individuals who bust their ass to try and keep people happy at dragon con. The convention security guys work hard and the artist alley organizers do amazing things. I am indebted to both. Personally, I can't speak for the rest. Someone is going to have a crap experience at some point somewhere. There is mind numbing bureaucracy and brain crushing hypocrisy when dealing with getting a table at some conventions. At one show, you have to have had a table there before they'll let you get a table. And there are outright dick heads. This is the price we pay for having to deal with humanity.

Now, unless you've payed for a table that ends up being a three foot coffee table stuffed back in the fire exit behind a glass wall where they're playing Britney Spears karaoke on the other side and the fat kids break the elevator on the three story tall building and they have to call in the fire department who close down your "table" and then you're told to put away all your business cards because some old lady who got into the convention for free and didn't know what it was misread "not satanic porn" and you had to sleep in a van in the parking lot with a drunk guy who's hands wander in his sleep, only THEN can you complain to me about the injustice of conventions, if not, I don't want to hear it.


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November 11th, 2009
03:47 pm


lost post about Fall in NY state.
I'm visiting my old college roommate in Albany NY. The leaves are just changing. The hills are the same mountain range as my home town in Virginia. My friend is taking me along on her Fall errands. Today we took the dog to a lake where he ran with two other dogs. My friend Lessa tried to get her dog to go swimming in the lake with his friends by throwing handfulls of popcorn into the water to intise him. Her friend had just bought a small kayak and we took turns padeling around the bend in the lake to eye a small cottage tucked among the reeds. The light drizzle increased and we packed up the wet dogs and mudy kayak. Lessa had seen a berry picking farm and we pulled into a driveway where a boy no older than 13 manuvered a tractor around green houses. We lifted wet leaves to look underneath for unpicked rasberries. Lessa filled her green paper bin quickly where I had been alternating between my bin and my stomach. A siamese kitten decided that I was more likely to have treats even though Lessa was more enamored with the kitten. We spent the week cooking recipe's from the farmers market and I couldn't imagen going back to a grocery store after that.

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September 8th, 2009
04:07 pm


Kilts and a Cop
Dragon con, Sunday night 2009
Every night at Dragon con I charge up the leaf blowers and head down to the Marriott lobby to do some Kilt Hunting. I wait until midnight so that most of the kids are in bed and I pick an out of the way place so we don't get in the way of foot traffic. I use hard surface blowers with rechargeable batteries so that there's no exhaust, no power cords, and it's not a strong enough blower to do any damage. I don't actually try to expose any of the guys. I just want to tease and get some good pictures of a moving kilt and a surprised guy. The guys sign model release forms so that I can use the pictures for calendars and playing cards. I've been doing this for years and it gets bigger every year. Sunday night we hit critical mass. There was a HUGE crowed of women and a long line of guys in kilts ready to get blown. The crowed and the screaming women drew the attention of some of the hotel security and the roving police officer. The second guy that I leaf blew had a very light weight kilt and it went strait up and man shlong was everywhere. I got a tap at my elbow and a nice police officer said "Ma'am, you can't do that. I'm going to have to shut this down." Luckily the next guy had a routine with his girlfriend that he had cleared with me and I was able to step to the side and talk to the officer. I asked what in particular he was concerned about and I pointed out all the precautions we'd made. "We make sure the fire lanes are clear, they sign a release form saying they won't expose themselves. I'm not trying to show anything. These are hard surface blowers, no exhaust or cords." The officer is uncomfortable. He doesn't want to cause trouble but he also doesn't want us breaking the law by showing off full frontal. He says that there's children around. I say that's why we wait until midnight to do this. He finally says "Just don't let the kilts go up any farther than they should." I don't say what comes to mind and I thank him profusely and promise to be good. I notice the large hotel security men behind him and I run over. "Please let me know if there's anything I can do for you or if there's anything you're uncomfortable with." The men look very uncomfortable. This is a very large crowed of screaming women and a hair too close to public indecency. I offer to point the leaf blower to the wall. They still make grumbling noises so I offer to just not turn the leaf blower on. They're still uncomfortable but they consent to the compromise. At this point the boy and girl act has finished and the Irishman has finished with his strait jacket routine. I run over to the line of kilted boys. I know that the cop won't arrest anyone but they will shut us down if any of the boys expose themselves and there were some great kilts that I wanted to get pictures of. So even though the cop didn't say so, I told the boys that if any of them show their bits then I'm the one who will get arrested. I also don't know for sure weather or not I'm about to get hauled off to the pokey. I tell the crowed of women that we're going to pretend with the leaf blower. The women explode in indignant outrage. "If women can run around with their asses hanging out why can't we get kilt blowing!?!" The biggest complaint is that there's lots of dragon con costumes that are indecent, why can't we show a little man leg? I have to point out that if a costume is showing bush or nads (or girl nipple) then the security will escort them out. We saw this later that night with a guy who was wearing a horn helmet and a red plastic cup on his nibbly bits. He was escorted out for a quiet discussion and then escorted back to his room wearing a cardboard box. So it is reasonable that they asked us to stop when we were exposing man bits. Maybe man ass would have been fine, but the hairy man balls went too far.
I did loose half my audience when I didn't turn on the leaf blower for the next guy. I overheard one woman say "If there's no leaf blower, what's the point?". But I must admit I got some much better posing. Before, the guys would just stand their awkwardly while I tried to get their kilt to blow in the breeze. But without the blower, they'd hike the edge of their kilt up their leg a little and the girls would scream and they'd shake their butt, making the women yelp with joy. This way the men had more control over how much they showed and how much the women screamed. The guys still had a good time, even without the leaf blower refreshment for their kilted nethers. The women were grumbley but we got some great photos out of it. The police and hotel did let us continue even if it was against their better judgment and I am eternaly grateful to them. We did step over the line and they were trying to keep everyone safe and within the law. We should have moved to another venue long ago. This only confirms it. Next year I'm going to try and get in contact with Dragon Con and set up a room where we can have this in the program book and card people as they come in so we stay within the law. We'll also be able to control lighting and seating better.

pictures of kilt blowing
More pictures
GREAT pictures!
Really awesome pictures
Post a link if you've got pictures of the kilt blowing

Kilt Calendar
Kilr Playing Cards

ps; please e-mail me if you know who I should talk to about getting a room for leaf blowing at Dragon Con jenniebreeden@gmail.com

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